• We use non-toxic eco-friendly chemicals to protect the health and safety of everyone entering your premises.

  • We use concentrated cleaning system. These are cost-effective and decrease fuel costs involved in transporting the products .

  • We use bags that are biodegradable.

  • Our teams use environmentally friendly microfiber cloths.

  • Our sustainability practices go beyond eco-friendly supplies, and we evaluate all aspects of our business improving the three pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental, and social).

  • We focus on partnering with suppliers that operate their businesses with sustainability as an objective.

  • We conduct an on-site sustainability audit at our clients’ facilities to determine if waste can be decreased by implementing more environmentally friendly initiatives.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Covid-19 Disinfecting

Carpet Cleaning

Floor Polishing

Warehouse scrubbing

24-hour emergency response

Window Washing

Post-renovation clean-ups

Pressure washing